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Reserved Against Cancellation.

When you intend to make a booking for a long-distance train or bus journey, tickets are available in 3 flavors - Confirmed, RAC or Waitlisted.

RAC is halfway between confirmed and waitlisted. RAC is your friend, RAC is good for you. You have a seat, but no sleeping berth. You are on your way to visit your engle in your beloved naadu.

In romance, though, RAC is your foe. It is that which allows a pretty lass to take over your entire existence in the hope that one day she will be yours. But alas, it is not to be. She has reserved you, but will not confirm you. She has twisted you around her little finger, but her heart pines for someone else. But poor fellow, you don't know that, no?

RAC is a state of unrequited love. It is but a state of mind.


"What a relief! 2 confirmed, 2 RAC. Harish and Lata can sleep on the same berth at least!"

"She will keep you RAC lifelong, macha! Wake up!"

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