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As much as thikka kobbu has been spot on with the inspiration of quick gun murugun... Its also, slowly becoming synonymous for an affliction that affects most men. And yes this is most men across the world. especially in the hands of a skillful "head-bobber" (wink wink) or even at throes of immense passion. A fire that is meant to be stroked.... i mean stoked for more than a handful of minutes extinguishes in a minute. Women are never happy with quick gun murugun's a.k.a (to the most of western world) Minuteman.

QGM's needn't be slave to their reputation, needless to say khud-khushi's in excess is not the solution.


Sita: Hey, i thought you were doing the deed with Dominic the dingo...
Gita: Yeah we did the deed, dominic's alter ego must be quick gun murugun. the "lauda" got done and left me hanging, and rolled over to sleep. Salaa Chootiya. i just came out to find batteries. Going back in and doing khud-khushi with motorised help.
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