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Every eng bai and eng girl's second fondest dream, probably next only to finding Katrina Kaif (or Salman Khan depending on which team you bat for) standing next to your bed...

Unfortunately like most dreams, this is mostly urban myth, the occasional newsworthy leak of a civil service exam paper not withstanding...

Such trivial details does not however stop us..How else to explain that the back bench slacker who spent most of 12th grade reading Maxim under the table, suddenly finds himself ranker #127 on the IIT JEE?...

Surely God cannot be that cruel? It has to be Question paper out...


Revi: Macha , remember Gundu Ganesh from 10th standard. He is now an IAS officer posted in Thirussoor... anyone and everyone gets into IAS nowadays

Mogan: Haha , only one chance, question paper out

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