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Hindi slang for Kiss. Smack. Smooch.

Just to add to the confusion, a canine pup is also called Puppy. Meaning depends on context.


*Champu fellow gets a rare chance to talk in private to the pretty girl in the village. Our man decides to bring his A-game in wooing the pretty lass*

Pretty girl, shyly : "Aapka naam kya hai ji?" (What's your name?)

Champu fellow : "Ab samajh nahi aata, de kar batayeen ya le kar batayen?" (Now I can't decide, should I take it or give it and then tell you?)

Pretty girl : "Hain ji?" (Eeeeeeh?)

Champu fellow, wiggling eyebrows suggestively with a leer on his face : "Mera naam hai Puppy" (My name is Puppy)

(Suddenly, stern fother of pretty girl materialises from nowhere. Next day Champu fellow is seen walking around the village with a black eye)

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