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Puncher shop

\pun-cher shaap\
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Noun. March 19, 2012, Word of the Day


If you see this written on a tire hanging from a tree or nailed to a pole, there is a good chance you already have nails in your tire and are looking for their services. This is the place to go where all vehicle tubes are invariably old and need to be replaced with either 200 Rs duplicate or 400 Rs Original ones. It costs extra for your friend to seat the puncher expert himself on his bike and bring him over to the crime scene.
These omnipresent signs can range from punter to punchure to the ridiculously rear (I swear it exists, I have seen it once!) puncture.


Dude! Yesterday only outside Tavern, I paid 200Rs and got it fixed. Now again I have to find a puncher shop.
Added 2011-07-13 by Leelamma





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