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Bangalore City, Southern India, has an obsession with power - perhaps due to the erratic availability of it. As paradox would dictate, many of the metropolis' precincts are embellished with the omnipresent power-grid - a clunky, looming, phallic-pyramidal structure, ostensibly put in place, to relay electrical impulses from building to building. Also known as "transformer", this miniature Eiffel Tower-like structure, can easily transform your home from an illuminated domicile, into the dark ages. Long-accustomed to this common phenomenon, I now eagerly anticipate it, as such murkiness presents the perfect alibi for me to grope buxom home-visitors, or assist my wife in enhancing my lineage. From the perspective of India's alleged male-dominated society, the "power-grid" is something that women need to scale. And many are doing so, by embarking on securing the country's most desirable diploma - that of an electrical engineer. The fact that sparks hardly fly between men and women in this country, but mainly from malfunctioning power-grids, is... shocking. Simply shocking. And anyway, if the sexes decided to go "around" together, it will surely be a short-circuit! It follows, that I know only one kind of "load-shedding" - getting my big mama off my bruised, blighted and burdened, back!


Go down the road, till you come to a power-grid. That is your land-mark, since it's the tallest structure around.
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