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Quick!!, Chose one or more of the following.
The dictionary defines "Posting" as
A) a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement
B) (bookkeeping) a listing on the company's records
C) the transmission of a letter
D) None of the above

If you are an Asli Desi and, more importantly, an erudite Samosapedian, you probably guessed "D" and rightly so. While the rest of the English speaking world is content with 3 full definitions, WALTO folks like us need a completely different one...

"Posting" in desi lingo, usually refers to the combination of your job and job location and mostly applies to those who work for the gorement or some related/nationalized organization like a bank...

...It comes in 2 flavors
1. Punishment Posting, wherein you rubbed your local neta-cum-goonda the wrong way and since you did not have a higher neta-cum-goonda in your back pocket, to whom you could make one phone call, you ended up being transferred to one of those villages which Shah Rukh Khan cho chweetly tries to Sudaarichify in Swades...
2. Plum Posting, wherein you handed self-same neta-cum-goonda a suitcase and thus managed to stay at a location where everything from your kid's school to Cafe Coffee Day is a 5-minute Hamara Bajaj driving distance ...


Appa: Good news, I heard Magesh got posting in Infosys in Bangalore wunly
Revi: Appa, Infosys is an I.T company, not the East India Company
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