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Pornu is Kannada for porn, and refers to the cheesy South Indian item numbers seen on some tv channels late at night, Chitrahaar style. Korree means to give. This phrase was first coined in a girl's hostel in Bangalore, full of bored Naarth Indian college girls. In short, Pornu Korree is the practice of laughing one's head off at the ridiculous moves seen in these film songs of the South.

Late on a Saturday night, after the gates of the hostel had been clanged shut, a group of eng girls unimpressed with the usual tv programming, happened to be changing channels on the khataara hostel tv in order to find something more amusing to watch. But to their utter astonishment, channel after South Indian channel seemed to show something hitherto unforseen as part of it's late-night programming - a profusion of vulgar looking item songs (not that item songs are ever tasteful), one after the other, in the local lingo.

Said songs were obviously of a non-family oriented nature, and characterised by sights of jiggling thunder thighs in cheap looking pink/red chamkee shorts, bad makeup and questionable dance moves. The initial astonishment led to uncontrollable laughter for hours, for said eng girls could not believe their eyes. It was quickly discovered that to mute the tv and watch these songs being danced in silence was even more hilarious, and this has now become a regular Saturday night practice when nothing more interesting is seen on tv.

It is considered to be a form of Laughter Therapy and is said to have great restorative properties for stressed out college girls. Must always be watched with a group of gal pals for maximum entertainment. Stupid comments once the tv has been muted are a must, as they serve to increase the level of hilarity. Enthu cutlet Naarth Indian girls who seemed to have had the most rudimentary knowledge of Kannada gave this ritual it's name.

Channels on which this phenomena can be enjoyed after 12 in the night : Sun tv, Udaya tv, Raj tv, Gemini tv, etc.

Warning : This ritual has very different effects on eng baiz. That is for someone else to define.


Priya : "Arrey yaar, nothing is coming on tv tonight. I don't know why tv channels don't show anything worth watching on weekends. So Boring! Now what?"

Shweta : "Oh well, at least there's Pornu Korree"

*takes remote and starts changing channels*

*Fifteen minutes later the neighbours call the police because the banshee type laughter emanating from the girls hostel scares the life out of their sleeping kids. Hostel auntie's thalle blows a big fuse and she disconnects the cable*

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