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A joke about POMO men and/ or women which many people might find funny except for POMO chicks and pomo men who are not usually known for their senses of humour and also because the joke might hold up a mirror a POMO might not want to look at. Careful and intelligent reading of reactions to POMO jokes or descriptions often reveal the POMO more than it does the joke at hand.


Pomo joke 1
Local Lallu at a bar: Anyone want to hear a POMO joke?
POMO chick: I'm a POMO chick. The 400-pound boxer at that table wearing shoes his mummydaddy bought him is a POMO man. The non deodorized feminist lesbian muscular mustached woman in khadi sitting there is also a POMO chick as are those 35-40 year old woman discussing Ayn Rand at that table. Still want to tell that POMO joke? HUH!?
Local Lallu: Naahhh, I would have to explain it too many times.

POMO joke 2
Local Lallu: how does a POMO change a lightbulb?
POMO: It's the light bulb that needs to change goddamit!

POMO joke 3
Local Lallu: How many POMOS does it take to screw in a light bulb (seriously)?
POMO chick: You MCP! Even the framing of this question makes a grid of patriarchal assumptions that reveals a slavish devotion to phallocentric and modernist ideas – such as, technical accomplishment has inherent value, knowledge can be attained and quantities of labor can be determined empirically, all of which makes a discourse which further marginalizes the already disenfranchised. i mean are you implying that Independence and intelligence in women are a result of western education given that a lightbulb has been invented there and that screwing it in means a woman has to actually think to do so, even though its such a simple task?! ? And that all women want is to get married and have babies and change bloody light bulbs in some terrifying domestic scene?! And you used the word screw!!! Screw in a light bulb?! Do you mean promiscuous women are doomed to a barren, pointless existence and resort to feminism and other social causes when they cant 'settle down' with 'good' men, who don't find them acceptable. You chauvinist pig!
Local Lallu: Madam, why this kolaveri? and you are not answering question!

POMO joke 4
local Lallu: How many POMO chicks does it take to change a lightbulb?
POMO man: That's not funny.

POMO joke 5
How many POMO chicks does it take to change a lightbulb?
One. (One to hold the lightbulb and three ayahs to turn the POMO chick around.)

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