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A "Post modern" chick or woman. This term is used to describe an Indian urban woman usually in her late 20s' or early 30s' who has (sometimes) returned from foreign after a good education and maybe a little work and to cut a long story short, has come back to India and moved back into her parents house, looking to get married and possibly feel a bit more fulfilled. The POMO chick has read some feminist literature, spouts it often but depends heavily on her parents for sustenance, accommodation and an upper middle class lifestyle. She finds it hard to believe how promiscuity does not necessarily help her find a partner in a more complicated India and gets involved vociferously in causes, protests and other 'lets save the world' activities while living on 'my parents money' activities. She has many male friends but few if any suitors. A POMO chick can quote Atwood and Wollstonecraft but can be quite lazy intellectually. She is sometimes slept with but often not chosen as a partner by non POMO men who often remind her of her father. A POMO chick does not belong in a New York as she come from a more conservative background. She does not belong in the more conservative background either as shes been to new York (or wherever) .She stands on the cusp of change, one leg in feminist modernity, the other stuck up to the thigh in an older, more conservative India and the rest of her body embedded in laziness and the detritus of many generations of role playing. Her ovaries beseech her to breed and find a good man (just like her mother keeps telling her), her mind can be alive (especially when there are arguments with the parents who support her), her anger is immense (at the injustices women suffer at the hands of men), her kindness is limited (most men don't deserve it), her giving is conditional (Whats in it for me?) and her ayah who supports three children and a drunken husband is often traumatized (Where the hell is my tea?!).


Gunjan: Macha that Sarvamangala is beautiful. I think I shall marry her!
Rohit: POMO chick macha! POMO!!! Be careful! POMOOOO!!
Gunjan: Damn. thanks. I'll put but i wont keep!


Gunjan: Why is she so angry man. All I did was open the door for her and she called me a chauvinist!!
Vikram: Macha, dont worry, that's another way of saying I really want to have a baby but don't know how to express or understand it.
Gunjan: Oh.. ok.

Added 2011-12-21 by porkipaya

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Nothing more than a stereotype created by some men to refer to those women they secretly covet but wouldn't even dare to ask out on a date! Such women are often independent, well read, have a mind of their own and are not easy to 'domesticate'.
A "POMO" deconstruction of Porkipaya's definition reveals the subconscious 'modernist' beliefs that underly such stereotypes. Some of these are:
1.Independence and intelligence in women are a result of western education.
2. All women want is to get married and have babies.
3. Promiscuous women are doomed to a barren, pointless existence. such women resort to feminism and other social causes when they cant 'settle down' with 'good' men, who dont find them acceptable.


'POMO chick' 1: My "Ovaries beseech me to find a good man"!
'POMO chick' 2: I wish I could help you with that but "My body is embedded in laziness and the detritus of many generations of role playing"!
Added 2011-12-23 by Kochu kalli
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