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If you have ever been on a flight in India, you will get this.
Your flight makes a safe landing and even before it slows down, at least one hero will be up on their feet opening the overhead locker and retrieving their luggage and running to the front of the flight so they can get off first. All this while the airhostesss will be screaming at that said person "Sir/Ma'am! Please sit down, let the flight get off the runaway!".
But the deed is done. Now every other porki is already on their feet struggling with the overhead lockers.
After the flight attendants have given up, these porkies are happy standing in the narrow passage with their asses and crotches touching each others for however long it takes to get off.


Annoncement - Welcome to Indira Gandhi International Airport, the temperature outside is a mild 49 degree celsius. You can now use yo....MA'AM PLEASE SIT DOWN!!!!!!

Ma'am has already reached the front gate.

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