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If you get a chance to eat one at this moment, bugger off before it cools and come back to this definition later.
Plate idli also called 'Thatte Idli'(Kannada) is the king of all 'Idlis'
A similar version comes from Tamilnadu, the 'Tanjore' variety which is smaller and can be equated with a prince.
The most famous 'Plate Idlis' can be had in 'Kyathsandra' near Tumkur, 65 kms from Bangalore.
One or two of these 7" Idlis are enough to fill you up.
Originally all hotel idlis were Plate idlis probably till late '60s.
In contrast to them the new style Idlis you get to see everywhere were then called Cooker Idlis.


"KyathsarndraDalli stop madana guru".( We will stop in Kyathasandra.)
"Thatte Idli thinnana".( Let's eat plate idlis)
"Hotte chur annthaa aithey".( My stomach is burning with hunger)
"Naanu Khali hotteli Yenne hodiyalla".( I won't drink on an empty stomach.)
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