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A 'Pintu' (noun) or 'a Pintu thing to do' (adjective) is when a person screws up in some unfortunate way, that is both bemusing, but unsurprising, given the person's general demeanor.

Such a person is often called, outright, a 'Pintu' after repeat offences, and for first time offenders, they are told, (with a disappointed shake of their friends' heads) that they have done 'a Pintu thing' or are 'indulging in Pintu behavior.'

(Not to be confused with the Punjabi nickname 'Pintu;' reserved only for first sons, self-entitled brats, whiners, screamers, or all of the above.)


Example One:

Vandana (after noticing that Pallavi is yet again on the floor after her first beer): Oh, Pintu, what are we going to do with you?

Example Two:

Shikhar: Arre yaar, today I did such a Pintu thing. I managed to lock myself out of the house, and drop my spare keys into the gutter. In the process I accidentally stepped on a cat and killed it. A black cat.

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