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or if you don't want others to think your are dehati/country you may call it Pee Zaa..
Just don't call it Peetzuh, then we will say "putting bandha or what with phoren accent and all... US return'aa?"

If you are an Italian tourist and you ordered this dish with visions of the Neopolitan disk swimming in front of your eyes and you get an onion uthappam with Amul cheese, Maggi Ketchup and Chettinad Chicken on it, don't do "thuh!" and put vanthi...
because saar, pliss to note you are sadly mistaken, this is not peetzuh, this is pijja and it is a local delicacy cumbletely adopted to our discriminating palates


Faarin gents and Mallu gents in a restaurant
Faarin Gents: What's good here?
Mallu Gents: Pijja & cock, too good I say
Faarin Gents: A bottle of Aquafina for me, thank you
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