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Petromax: Mistress, concubine, 'keep', 'the other woman'

Originates from a paraffin lamp brand 'Petromax' which was used widely in the sub-continent in case of power failure. Has now come to symbolise a man's extra-marital paramour after a much used line in a Kannada Film, courtesy Ananth Nag (who is incidentally late Shankar Nag's brother)


Sudha: I saw Anil with Preeti in Garuda Mall for the late night movie. Surprising that Anil's wife Sumati was not there!

Kamakshi: Arre, don't you know? Preeti is Anil's petromax. If Sumati knew, she'd make chutney of Preeti and Anil!

Added 2011-07-07 by Dinchak Bulbul