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Indians love whisky. We consume more whisky in aggregate than any other country in the world. Indians are also acutely aware of the whisky pecking order and a favorite topic of conversation (conduced over whisky) for your prototypal sofa sadhu or club-going half-wit is whisky tiers:

"red, black, gold, blue green is the correct order I say"

Now, one particular brand of whiskey that has always confused us Indians is Peter Scott! While it is made locally from molasses, the word "Scott" makes it seem like it is Scotch Whisky from Scotland (made from malt). This subtlety might be lost on some Indians ("get me one peter scotch bearer!") but it is not lost on the Scotch Whisky Distillers Association (SWDA), an industry body of distillers, blenders and exporters of Scotch whisky.

SWDA has challenged a ruling by the Supreme Court that allows whiskey brewed in India to qualify as a "Scot" or have the word "Scott" in its brand name.

In the end, we say sappai matter da. Drink Peter (Scott) but hey, don't put peter da!


Ladu Labakdas: Dai bearer get one Peter Scotch I say!
Raju: Sir Peter Scotch over sir. Vonly Officer's Choice or BP remaining sir!
Ladu Labakdas: Three pegs! Seekram dai! Bagpiper!
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