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Kind of a tacit rule of thumb that Indian film heros adopt while wooing. This involves outrageous behavior like stalking, peeping at the heroine, playing pranks on her, embarassing her in public, writing lau letters to her, eve teasing her, and even slapping her butt (in short everything that will qualify as 'persistent harrasment'?).The heroine, in the initial phase responds with outrage and anger, but for some elusive reason postpones doing anything about it.
The tables turn when the villain enters the scene and engages in the 'real' harrasment. The hero comes to the rescue- flexes his muscles, does dishoom-dishoom . The heroine looks on with wide-eyed admiration and the seeds of lau are sown in her heart. All memories of the hero's former porrki behavior are erased along with any capabilities of discernment. This is followed by intense courtship, lau marriage etc.


Seema: Hey, is that Mohanlal slapping that girl's butt in that song?!!
Ashwathy: Ess, but he is in lau with her and is simbly playing with her, ya. later, she will also lau him. He is actually a policeman in plain romandic, no?!!

Watch mohanlal in the act of persistent harrasment here:
(Note the but-slapping at the end of the video)

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