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Abbreviation. October 13, 2011, Word of the Day


The Holy Grail: Physics. Chemistry. Maths. Biology.

Do PCMB stream, or wither into a meaningless existence in humanities, social science, economics, art, literature, social work, pre-law, commerce, politics, activism, creativity, and/or greatness...


Lal: "So, what do you do?"
Laila: "As a passion or my living?"
Lal: "Well... Both"
Laila: "OK, I'm a teacher involved in creative education. Also a painter, my passion is community art, murals, illustration, collage, and fabric... I also play the flute in a local band..."
Lal: "Wow, sounds wonderful! What did you do in school?"
Laila: "PCMB, you?"
Lal: "PCMB..."
Lallu (eavesdropping): "I also did PCMB!"
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