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a silk sari worn by south indians especially in tamil nadu.
Nowdays only traditional women wear it as it is very heavy n not so comfortable to wear.


Daughter: Amma you can't be serious! You expect me to wear these heavy pattu saree, mallipoo, bindi and temple jewels? I will look like a proper Mami even before the wedding.
Mother: Shut up for once and do as I say...the groom is foreign-returned, very good catch. You must look like a good girl from decent phamily else they will reject you. You are already 27 and not yet married.
Daughter: But Amma I can be a good girl without looking like a Mami...what will the foreign-returned groom think?
Mother: Stupid girl, don't be so innocent. Foreign-returned boys only marry good girls and not fast chicks...
Daughter: Amma!!
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Tamil Nadu

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