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Very popular street snack comprising little crispy pooris served with a filling of potato,green peas or other variants depending on the region and spicy/sweet tamarind water.The filling and the puri are prepared separately and set aside. When the customer arrives, the puri is broken, stuffed and filled with tamarind water- then and there -in a fascinating series of swift moves that span hardly a few seconds. About 7-8 puris are served to each customer sequentially and need to be eaten immediately as one giant mouthful-no dainty nibbling and all!. These are also tailor made according to the customer's taste- 'sweet', 'spicy' or 'medium'.
But very important to remember that there is no maza if you are not takeing panipuri from that busy galli (narrow lane) with atleast 3 other customers, waiting for your turn. This waiting is special because it gives you time to relish your puri and also watch others gobbling it up with that slightly overwhelmed look.


Simran: Arre yaar...that rahul seems to have fallen head over heals over that Gulpreet woman.
Ruksana: Really?? but how come you know?
Simran: Cummon yaar. Its pretty obvious! those puppy dog- admiring looks he was giving her even when she was taking those huge mouthfuls of panipuri!
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