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Another humble contribution from the bangali babus down in west bengal ! Paanu in bengali colloquial lingo means Porn !
And aptly paanu addict means Porn addict ! the term porn on the use of this phrase is put into the same category of Heroin , smack , cocaine and all other things that lead u to a rehab ! Rehab for a paanu addict in bengal is a gruesome moral policing and social behavior lecture by parents , uncles and aunts - who think this paanu addiction will eventually lead u to become a were-pervert(same as were wolf ) . Paanu addicts are generally eager porn lovers or owing to samosapedia.. Enthu cutlets of porn ! Paanu addicts are divided into two categories - Porn Connoisseur and porn watchers ! Porn Connoisseur's are usually tinto brass fans who wont watch porn just for the sake of it they have particular tastes .. porn watchers are ones who watch porn for the sake of it !


ram : Biren da i heard is a big paanu addict
Shyam : Yes but jodu da tops him in paanu addiction

Jodu : I think i am turning into a paanu addict ! i cant stop watchin paanu !

Modhu : Saala ! paanu addict !

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