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Famous Indian sweet/toffee, with a deep pink colour and the unmistakeable flavour of Indian paan. It's popularity peaked in the 80's, and slowly declined in the 90's as non-Indian candies and sweets were introduced into the market and children lost interest. Kids used to love paan pasand in it's heyday, simply because children in India are not allowed to eat paan. Popping one of these into your mouth meant getting the opportunity to taste a very adult and forbidden food item.

The Paan Pasand before-and-after ads on DD were also fun to watch, for they were easy to follow and often amusing. The same line was repeated, but in starkly different ways.


Old Paan Pasand ad :

*A young woman looks into the camera with obvious disdain and scorn on her face and says with significant venom... *

"Shaadi! Aur TUMSE??? Kabhi Nahin! (Get Married? To YOU?? Never!) *Glares viciously*

*She is then shown eating one Paan Pasand. And lo and behold, a magical transformation occurs in seconds. She smiles shyly, her expression mellows, and she positively simpers as she softly says..*

"Shaadi? *Bats eyelids* Aur Tumse! *Purrs this next bit* Kaaaaaaabhi nahi! *Looks away coyly with a playing-hard-to-get twinkle in her eyes*

Voice in the background drives the message home :

Paan ka swad, (the taste of paan)
Gazab ki mithas! (brings incredible sweetness!)

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