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\On the spot dhana dhan popat\
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Abbreviation. May 30, 2012, Word of the Day


which means "On The Spot Dhan Dhanadhan Popat", in short.. heard this last nite and laughed for almost an hour after the conversation and reminded me of my school days where we accidently discovered this abbreviation.

for the uninitiated, it means giving undeniable proof that the person in question is a genuine in-duh-vidual and may, if s/he tries hard enough, reach the Darwin award nomination levels.

To become embarrassed because one was wrongly confident. Also one can relate to describe an action or person that is not at all sensible and shows a lack of good judgment.

In short " kisi baat ka Popat ban jana"(To become a popat for whatever reason).

Hilariously laughing during our English lectures and more of OTSDDP happening almost everyday. Buddies who shared/discovered this Abbreviation JC, Anuj, Sekhu, Puppi, Vikko, Jumbo, Boozer :)


Real life incident.
We had our Hindi lecture in 11th Standard. Suddenly our lecturer said those without Hindi textbook can leave the class and stand outside. From 70 of us half of the class stood out in the corridor. Finding this Principal whose office was exactly in opposite building came rushing to the class and asked those who are missing their Hindi textbooks will not attend any of class that day and leave for home. With an unexpected move all 70 of us happily left the class (even those who had) and went home. In short OTSDDP for lecturer.

Movie: goal – the dream begins
thrs ths guy … who aspires to become a football player … n he has the talent … he flies down all the way … from LA to new castle … n gets a trial with them … n while practicing … stops over … n is looking at the squad … thts supposed to play the next match … the coach comes … n says … comfortingly … “One day son” … our dude nods … n then the coach says … sternly … “but NOT today .. NOW MOVE” … otsddp … haan ??

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