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The glowering eyes, the stiff pointed finger the quivering lips and the heavy words "Or else....". It is a threat to end all threats. The one that needs no more words. The possibilities are endless, yet every situation it is used in will have one outstanding winner.


{Mostly friendly neighbourhood side road cricket match, where Sriram, batsman and owner of bat has just been called out after hitting Anasuya aunty's house wall above the marked brick line. He was also called out 2 balls ago for a pitch-catch}
Sunny: Out! Out! Out! yay! That's out!
Sriram: GO MAN! That's not out ok!
Sunny: Eyii! Cheaterkok! Dont' lie! You're out! Everyone saw. Tell man Shashi you are on his team no, It was way over that line!
Sriram: No man, I'm batting. Or else....
(glowering eyes, quivering lips, pointed finger and other hand with bat stretched homewards)

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