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Name of a long-running contest between two people. The game revolves around the premise that if one of the contestants is in a standing position, he/she must say the word "Opingo". Failure to do so will result in a guchcha, a vicious punch on one's lower or upper back at the hands of the other contestant. The same condition applies for being in a seated position, this time replaced by the word "batingo". (Ops-bats, for short.)

This game, played platonically at first, quickly upgraded itself to a form of courtship, and at times, gandmasti.


Little Lata sits. Little Nitin lunges for her. Sighting him from the corner of her eye,

Lata: Opingo!

Little Nitin ignores the call and lands a guchcha on Little Lata's back.

Lata: Cheaterkok!

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