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Ootle, crassly shortened from Veetiku ulley (in the house) is part of a larger phrase ending in "Ootle solltu vandhiyaa ?". This Madras speak translates literally to "Did you tell at home and come ?", in other words, did you let your family know that you're going to die ?

Most commonly used in traffic by or to autodrivers when there's no time to use the full expression.


You're cycling along at a slow pace at Gemini Circle, or on your Kiney, and an auto driver cuts you off. As you raise your upward palm (fingers tightly together) at him as a WTF, he leans his body nearly fully out of the auto to return the gesture to you, with a quick head motion to the side and and a disparaging, "Ootle ?"
If you are male, this is probably preceded by "Otha!"
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