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The most distinguishing of Dravidian language words, distinguishable from the rest of the world languages and at the same time indicative of the commonality of origin or mutual influence among each other, of almost all the Dravidian languages.

Ooru means Place, town, City, village, native place.
It is akin to the Sanskrit term pura which becomes 'pore' in Singapore,
Set down, settle(Verb, Kan).

The term Oor(Tam, Tel, Mal) or Ooru( Kan, you know 'U's of Kannada?) also plays a significant role in the study of the history of South Indian cultural and linguistic influences across the subcontinent and beyond.

A Jessore, A Sangrur, A Jalore, and other Oors in North India, Northeastern India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, East Asia, sound enigmatic until you realize that there are Dravidian languages in existence even today in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Orissa, Bihar, Bengal, and in some more unlikely of the places we naturally tend to think possible.

I think it has something to do with the noisiness of our South Indian Languages( Aren't most of Indian Languages noisier?) to have had such a reach in those prehistoric times. This language reach is thought to be of vedic times.


Ooralli Iddiraa?(Kan) ( Are you in town?)

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