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The phrase is used as emotional blackmail for commercial purposes.It is a tried and tested sales lexicon to increase sales and retain customer.
Salesperson/seller usually employ this phrase to make a prospective customer feel they are truly special,not just a regular buyer.
The phrase also allows a salesperson to display his English speaking skills.


Typical scene between college student and Flea market seller at janpath

College girl 1: Bhai, yeh check shirt kitne ka? (How much for this checked shirt)
Seller: Rs 500
College girl *Flutters eyes* : KYA? Itna toh Benetton mein mil jaata hain.
(What?I get the same thing at benetton for the same rate!)
Seller : Madam, it is imported.I'm not saying wrong price.
Rs 500 is only for you,madam. Otherwise ,i'm selling this for Rs 600.
College Girl: Whateva!(makes a pretence of leaving)
Seller: Accha accha. Rs 400. Only for you,madame
College girl feels happy and buys shirt

Enter College Girl 2 and points out to a similar check shirt
College Girl 2: How much?
Seller: Rs 600..Only for you,madam!

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