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Many. Multiple. Lots. A perversion of the English phrase "Quite a few". Used freely among college going eng persons in Bangalore, but not acceptable in office culture because of the confusion it can generate at work. Known to cause looks of great befuddlement among the uninitiated, such as firangs/ goras/ newly-moved-to-South North Indians, and therefore must be used with caution around the aforementioned.

Proper usage requires that great emphasis be placed on the word "few", possibly to avoid confusion and the rare chance that the other person thinks you meant just one. If you said "one feeeew", you would not be wrong.


Enku : "Ey, how many bread pakoras you want aa? Tell fawstly, otherwise canteen queue will become full long only"
Janit : "How many aa? Hmmm ... I'm really hungry da. Get one few."
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