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To divide one item (typically food) to two roughly equal portions, for sharing. Commonly a sign of both affection and cheapness.

The truly unique aspect of this is that the item is brought already divided, and each gets a little extra bakshish in the bargain. This in fact makes One-by-two a noun in certain contexts.


Boss, can you one-by-two the samosa?
Added 2011-06-28 by Studmuffin

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One by two is not effectively explained in a samosa situation. It's most useful when you one by two a soup. That's when the true cheapness comes through as there is a likelihood that there is a decent pour in 2 bowls and you get a little extra in the bargain.


And we will get the sweetcorn soup one by two.
Added 2011-08-09 by Allakkai


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A corollary is "two by four" or even "two by three". Funny situtation - Three guys go to a chinese fast food joint and order "two by three" manchow soup. Suddenly one of them says to the server - "two by four kar dena". His friend asks "Whos the fourth one"? To which the guy says "Abey, theres no difference in 2 by 4 and 2 by 3. We will get extra soup. If you dont want, I will drink that. The third guy says "Chindi saala"

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A request to a waiter or bearer to divide one cup of tea or coffee into two glasses, usually by students or people who cannot afford one cup each.


dai, one by two coffee!
Added 2011-07-03 by porkipaya