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Quite unquestionably the best alcohol originating in India and amongst the best dark rums in the world, the expression "cheap and best" is both apt and derogatory to this elixir of life. It isn't the best because it is cheap. It is cheap, dirt cheap. *And* it is the best, the supreme best.

When the comforting warmth makes its way down your gullet, Old Monk brings life around you to the pace at which you can savour it. It proceeds to distort, but not disturb. It is life-affirming without ever being life-altering. Old Monk shows you what's beautiful, and blurs out the rest. Old Monk is that bittersweet windy drizzly evening that you only recollect in sepia-hues.


"Stop being such a lau failure. Here, drink some Old Monk with Thumbs up."
"Ah, Old Monk, my old friend."
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