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old is gold

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This phrase is not just a reaffirmation of the supremacy of the antiquarian and geriatric, it is the battle-cry of the retro-cool movement, it is an emphatically unreasoned rejection of the modern and a convenient way to end most arguments.

You like Ilayaraaja more than Rahman? Old is gold.
You think Vijay Merchant was a better batsman than Tendulkar? Of course, old is gold.
You still wear a Casio digital watch? Old is gold.
You get sentimental about Giant Robot? Old is gold.


"Ey, that chick is a real figure, macha."
"Thu, 99.99% she's 35 years wold, with veetukkaaran and two issues!"
"Old is gold, da."

"Thatha, why are you still using a typewriter?"
"Old is Gold, kanna. There isn't a single printer in the market that works anyway."

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