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Oblibolly is a neologism coined by Karmagin. It means the Obligatory Bollywood shot while visiting foren lands. One uses trees, poles, stalactites and stalagmites..yeny objects to make the picture look extra cute and dramatic as if parodying a Bollywood flick.

It is the self-aware and post-modern version of the patel shot. Knowing you are being a tool, gives you full immunity and liberates you from Pateldom.


"Let's stand behind the leaning tour of Pidja and take some Oblibollys" says V in his Desi voice
Sally: You remind me so much of Amit Patel my other brown BF
V: Noooooooooooo
Oblibolly fail :(
Added 2011-07-07 by Dishoom Dishoom
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