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You are riding Yezdi and taking blind turn at foot of KGA golf course. A BTS bus comes thundering down the wrong side of the road, just so that it can avoid waiting in traffic when the light changes.

You swerve and narrowly avoid being flattened by said bus. You go up to the driver and express your outrage at being nearly killed by his foolish behaviour. Driver leans out of the window and says, "Nothing happened no? Why are you getting upset?"

Nothing happened no. The standard response to anybody on Bangalore roads who is outraged at having been almost killed or maimed for life by a bus, tempo, Sumo or auto.

The story above ends happily. The Yezdi rider delivered one left-hand slap so hard, the bus driver's face actually rippled and the Yezdi rider's hand stung for ten minutes after. Something happened. YES!


"Oh my GOD! You just fired your shotgun at my baby!!"
"Nothing happened no? See? I missed. Why are you getting upset?"
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