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Adjective. July 22, 2011, Word of the Day


The sudden pangs of nostalgia and listlessness that Indians abroad feel when they look back at a simpler and more idyllic time in their lives.

A time when crank calls, giant robot and Doordarshan passed for entertainment. When mac fast + thumbs up + joy ice cream + game of dumb charades and marbles = heaven. Where lau blossomed during innocent games of dark room, lock and key or during tuitions with o.p sinhal in the backdrop. When riding your kiney through cycle gaps in the monsoon made you feel like a hero. When taking a cold bucket bath because the geyser didn't work during load shedding was charming....when your biggest worry in the world was getting home on time for your mothers chutney sandwiches and some gold spot...


Chintu: Why are you looking into outer space like a mental case?
Bablu: Feeling nostalginida mam. Give me 10 minutes. Need my Samosapedia fix.
Added 2011-07-16 by Dishoom Dishoom
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