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Our colonial masters, unsurpassed in acts of satire or sadism, imposed upon us an antiquated education curriculum that required two telephone book thick text-books for each course - both of which were hideously detailed - all just so that some petty bureaucrat (probably named Sir Soggybottom) could derive a morbid chuckle out of it later in life.."Haha, old chap, I called that drivel `non-detail` before I forced it down their throats, I dare say!"

As was expected, millions of unimaginative but reliably enthusiastic Indians played along, memorizing and regurgitating these non-detailed-details at whim, putting totas (parrots) to shame worldwide.

The only antidotes to the toxins of "non-detail" are the life-saving "konar" guides (elevating nut-shell wisdom to haiku-esque levels)


Maragatham: "Yo Mathrabootham, are you done mugging up all chapters from my non-detail textbook?"

Mathrabootham: "No dee, I got distracted by the hot presenter on yesterday's UGC program...she looked like Sobana Ravi aunty, but hotter, and in puff know puff-sleeves, no?"

Maragatham: "Chee-chee, why are the pages sticking together? Dei Rascal, I will tell to your mummy. She will be hitting you with the chappal!"

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