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Short form for Non-governmental organization.

In conventional terms these organizations work on social, educational, health or any other issues and things which are traditionally the purview of governments.

In India, it takes a whole new meaning. According to Wikipedia there are more NGOs in the country than 'primary schools and primary health centers'.

The reason behind this is that the Indian government gives a large amount of funding to these organizations and they are sufficiently easy to set up with a large number of professionals ready to provide you the exact frame work required to get the funding.

NGOs can refuse government funding and by doing this they get out of the RTI net and also their actions cannot be questioned by the government.

Many politicians and civil society members head NGOs and interestingly most of these do not accept government funding and are the largest in the country.

Some useless fellows also allege that these are just fronts to launder in money or to turn their black money to white money and are operations just to dupe the public and secure wealth for a few people.
NGOs do not pay tax.


Rajneesh - So, what experience do you have as a CA?

Jignesh - Sir, I have managed the accounts of the NGOs of the top politicians of Maharashtra and members of the core commiittee of the civil society.

Rajneesh - You SIR! are sooo hired!

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