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Bangalore convent schools of old required you (especially at the primary school level) to mark your belongings with your name & standard. Yeach & yevry book, pencil case, school bag, scale, shoe, sock, shoebag, teabag, teabox & napkin simply *had* to have your name either written or stitched onto it. This would make it easier to find when you lost it - and yes, it was 99.99% certain that you would!

The Lord help you if articles were found *without* a name & class on it. Our usually kindly Anglo Indian misses would suddenly turn into Tongue-Lashing-Teresas, hold the offensive item up by the scruff of its neck & ask aggressively ''Who's is this nameless shameless ______ (book / pencil case/ keds/ whatever). And the chant would be taken up by the other pesky kids inyour class, which then made it impossible to admit that the lost & found item was in fact YOURS!!


Miss D'Cruz (sweeping into class, knickers all in a twist): Whose shoebag is this?? Whose? WHOSE???? Your poor mummy took so much trouble doing cross-stitch embroidery on it, who just carelessly left it in the playground?? AND its nameless shameless too (left unsaid: ''your mummy used a needle & thread for the cross stitch, couldn't she just stitch your NAME on??'')!!
Other kids chanting: nameless-shameless! nameless-shameless!
Arati: *cowering behind tiny Rachna in front of her, hoping she's not discovered*
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