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It minns removing the very source of a problem......
A colorful word-play on a local phrase- "na rahega baans na bajegi baansuri"(neither will there be bamboos nor there would be flutes) where the presumption is that all flutes are made out of bamboos....but in Samosapedian case it plays on the usual purpose of the figurative if one takes care of the would most probably not get bambooed!!!


Al Khaaj: Guys lets finish this last khambaa so that we can be sober for the next few days and study for the exams....
Al Daad: Yes.. Na rahega hoga baans
Al Khujli: Bhosdiwaalo muhchodee band karo aur peg daalo!!!(shut your traps and pour me a shot goddamit!!)
Added 2011-08-28 by al khujli