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A mumbai darshan bus (BEST) is any bus that travels from A to B taking the least efficient route. If you happen to have the good fortune of travelling in such a bus, you will be treated to the scenic parts of A to Z parts of mumbai in one trip gaaraanteed.

Other obvious advantage of such buses is that travellers per cubic inch in BEST buses is directly proportional to number of stops for the buses, so if you want to experiencing ultra human compression that leaves WinRar blushing and which is 2nd only to Mumbai trains, please don't hesitate.

Note that you're entitled to call any bus mumbai darshan if it takes more than 1 stop out of the usual route your regular bus would take.


Pakya: Yaar you're so late, movie already started.
Raju: Arre yaar, missed regular bus so had to take number 396. That bus is total mumbai darshan bus. Never again.
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