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Ree mister, I have to tell you one thing. What's your name again please? Mr.Vimal?. Pardon me? Oh! Mrs. Vimla ha?

What would be so special about Indian English if not for our elan to take life out of it and refill our own very Indian way of life back into it?

We use it as we like it. Not as it is meant to be. Like an auto is as much used for goods transport as for passengers and a lorry as much for passengers as we would for sand.

The case in point is our unflinching habit of using Mr. or Mrs. with first names of people. Even when they have a known last name.

A Vimal Godbole is simply Mr. Vimal; a Vimla Godbole: Mrs. Vimla!
If the rest of the English speaking world uses these titles in conjunction only with the last names of individuals, it is the world's problem, not ours no?

This sounds quite natural and even appropriate to most of us because, we have abundance of instances of Misters or Missuses not having any last name at all.

Those men carrying the name of their town or village for a last name may not mind being called a Mr.Bijapur or a Mr.Nagpur. They would beam imagining themselves the hero or the only man ever of the town.

But, not so with ladies. They wouldn't probably appreciate being called the wife for the whole town. Miss would any day be a great option. It would probably get you invited for a breakfast.

So, Mrs.Vimla, Mrs. Vimla Godbole, Mrs. Godbole, I see the blush Ms. Vimla.


Mr. Rahul thinks he has the prime minister's chair waiting. Mrs. Manmohan thinks Mr. Manmohan should get a Bharat Ratna. After all, keeping a chair warm for 8 years is no joke, man!
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