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Most Indian politicians are demagogues. Naturally, the mark of good demagoguery is the ability to give impassioned speeches and to deliver one liners that stick in the minds of aam aadmi like the way fevicol sticks to your kundi.

In a recent speech by Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi at the Shri Ram College of Commerce, he boasted:
"I think differently"
To demonstrate his unique Weltanschauung or worldview, he held up a glass of water theatrically and said
"Some people say this is half full, others say it is half empty. But I say it's full - half with water and half with air!!

What amazing gyaan. Aicchhhhh!!!!! we say!

So then he goes on to say that we are no longer a nation of snake charmers but alas we are a nation of....wait for it...MOUSE CHARMERS!

How passe. How Thomas Friedman circa 2001.

Yes yes. We know, we know. Even technocoolies will begrudgingly accept money garland for our national prowess in all things IT.

BUT can we please pick cooler things to derive national pride from?
Tech support - not cool. Won't get a brown man any firang ass in a bar. You may be a Jull-Paaps but if you want to move from Rubups to the real deal double barreled baja bango bang with a nice hot mami, no more mention of Information Technology please.


Narendra Modi: We are no longer a nation of snake charmers, we are a nation of mouse charmers!
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