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Adverb. September 18, 2011, Word of the Day


Oxymoronically, a reasonably categorical approximation of something someone may or may not do. The existential equivalent of the temporal vagueness of IST. What it lacks in accuracy or information is more than compensated for by sheer fervour. Frequently heard in the shady corridors of gorement offices.


Hapless citizen: I need to urgently get one numbers signature from the commissioner for my licence. Whether he is in office?
Bored peon: What saar, gone for lench, no? You please wait.
Incredulous citizen: Lunch? But it's 4:20. Is he coming back to the office today?
Peon (in pitying tones): Moshtly barthaare. (gazing upwards, with pious long suffering expression) God is there, what ours is there. (Recovering quickly at prospect of baksheesh) But moshtly he will come wonly!!
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