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Morarji Ranchod Desai was an independence activist and the fourth Prime Minister of India from 1977-1979. He oversaw the undoing of Indira Gandhi's Emergency, a period in India's history that most closely resembled a descent into dictatorship, involving suspension of due process, civil liberties, and democracy. He undid Constitutional changes that allowed the Emergency to happen. He also oversaw normalization of relations with China after the Indo-China war, and is recognized as being key in normalizing relations between India and Pakistan after the 1971 conflict.

An interesting personal trait of Morarji Desai is he was a great proponent of urotherapy (also called urine therapy), which involves ingesting your own urine for health benefits. He was quite open about this, even discussing it with Khushwant Singh.


Ideal Idealist: Did you know Morarji Desai was the first Indian national to be awarded the highest civilian honor in *both* India *and* Pakistan?
Rowdy Realist: Chee! Fellow drank his own susu it simms.
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