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A delicious dumpling. Tibetean in origin and well incorporated into Nepali cuisine. Although always popular in North East India, Sikkim and Darjeeling, it made its way to Delhi in a big way very recently. Word on the streets is that it rivals chaat in popularity and that Delhi consumes more momos per capita than any other city.
The momo walas are easy to locate with their cheap steamers sitting on bamboo sticks. Every theka, college or park and any self respecting market has a momo wala selling them.
Considering its popularity, it is surprising that this delicious dumpling is not part of a regular Delhi kitchen, but it is almost exclusively eaten outside.
Also considered to be chinese food.


Manjeeta - Waiter!! One plate momo and one gobhi manchurian, fast!
Waiter - Sorry madam, we don't have momo on the menu, this is a chinese restaurant.
Manjeeta - But you have gobhi manchurian?
Waiter - Yes madam.

Suryalaxami - Hey ya, where do you get the best momos in Delhi ya?
Paneerselvam - Sikkim house was a good joint, but now it simms they don't allow guests from outside to eat there....
Suryalaxami - Asshole! I asked where you get the best momos not which place is shut down!
Paneerselvam - Bitch lemme finish! Go to Delhi Haat any of the north east stalls.
Suryalaxami - No ya, no AC in Delhi Haat.

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