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Modern maappillai . Under Condom theory this is the theoretical and actual anti-particle to the POMO Chick .

It is similar to the Pomo chick in mass-energy, but opposed on all other dimensions like spin, charge, literary pretensions, movement in space-time, and willingness to tolerate general or moral relativism.

Both POMO chick and Mo-pillai are produced by accelerating Jesuit theology to high velocity and colliding it with TamBrahm strictures in single-sex convented environments otherwise known as the LHC or Large Hard-on Colluder. Yield is enhanced by putting both particles through a sequence of expensive lau failures. The collisions produces a matched pair of POMO chick and Mo-pillai who depart to opposite ends of the universe at great velocity but in opposite ideological directions. One particle is moving forward in time and the other is moving backward, but sadly due to general and moral relativity one is unable to determine which is which.

Examples of movement in space time, showing Condom coupling

Pomo chicks: St. Stephens/LSR --> LSE --> Gayathri Spivak--> useless liberal arts degree --> jhola + cause --> angrily liberate the females

Mopillai: REC Guindy --> Illinois Insititute of Technology --> Freidrich Hayek --> useless engineering degree --> mortgage + stock options --> angrily enforce the patriarchy

The particles cyclically recollide every winter at Recyclotron (otherwise known as Bangalore Club, or spitting off a random collection of quirks (top, bottom, charm, strange etc.) , leapt-on jokes and of course the elusive Higgs Boozon.

The ultimate fate of the POMO chick and the Mo-pillai is to demolish each other in a spectacular bout of radiation annihilation otherwise known as a semi-arranged lau marriage.


Newton: For every POMO chick there is an equal and opposite Mo-pillai

Einstein: POMO chick + Mo-pillai = dishoom dishoom

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