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mitti paao

\mi-tti paa-o\
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Phrase. September 17, 2011, Word of the Day


When Punjabis run out of arguments (yes, that too happens, even though only occasionally) or they don't want to further drag a conversation due to embarrassment, they use this phrase. Mitti Paao.
As in, lets bury this conversation, like it never happened. and it is usually followed by turning the conversation towards a more spicy gossip-like topic. "Mitti" means mud in several North Indian languages (including Hindi and Punjabi).


Babu: Meeto, I heard your brother was beaten up by a girl?
Meeto: Oji it was only a misunderstanding. Mitti paao. Do you know who pappu Geetu ran away with?
Added 2011-09-13 by DedhShaani