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Noun. April 3, 2012, Word of the Day


CSD, Canteen Stores Depot is a great source of 'cheap and best' rum and IMFL, if you are especially looking to buy stuff for giveaways or planning to entertain a large crowd of guzzlers.
You can also buy toiletries, Usha fans, Prestige cookers, Videocon fridges, and Titan watches there.

But, but, you need to be serving in the armed forces of India or retired from such service. The next best possibility is that you must be servicing a mutually beneficial relationship with a relative or acquaintance who has CSD benefit.


Bevda Benak: "Yaar, do you think I am a fool to buy Royal Stag and keep it at home for these babus to drink every time they come home??"

" I actually buy Peter Scot at the Military Canteen and transfer its contents into Royal Stag empty bottle"

"They can have as much as they want, you see!"

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