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Cricket jargon.

Refers to the consecutive falling of wickets in the batting side.

For a generation of kids who grew up watching Indian men in sky blue and yellow uniforms with wills as the primary sponsor in the days when you did not sport a mustache, however flimsy it may have been, you were not a man.
For a generation which tore its hair out because of the miserable coverage done by Doordarshan.
For that generation it was an often heard term when India played and Sachin Tendulkar got out.
The great Indian middle order collapse.


Commentator on Doordarshan
- "It looks like it is going for a six aaaaaand gend lapak liya gaya hai!"
- "Bar-re sundar tareekay say Manoj Prabhakar ne gend ko rokna chaha kintu woh asafal rahe aur out karar diye gaye."
- "Sachin Tendulkar ke janne ke baad Bhartiya ballebaaz Pakistan ke samne asafal rahe aur hum phir kahe sakte hain ki middle order collapse kar gayee"
-"The match is at an interesting point as India needs 2 runs off the last ball with just one wicket in hand, the bowler is ready to run in"....... screen cuts to Delhi studio..... "Namashkar, Doordarshan samachar mein aapka swagat hai"
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