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In Kannada gang slang, Mental or Mentlu goes for unpredictability or recklessness of a gangster.

Such a reference is a warning for you to be extra cautious and advises you to behave and speak with that Mental guy in a somewhat non-kindling way.

You will find at least one gangster nicknamed " Mental XYZ" in most cities.


Ittige Eerbhadra to Tarkari Thangavel: " Ley Konga nan magne huhsarag iro. Aa Mental Maada salpa rong aag avney. Naak divsa aa nan magannaa kindlu maadakk hog beda."

( Hey sonny Konga, be careful. That Mental Maada is a bit odd these days. For some days avoid provoking him.)

Note: Kannada gang slang has Konga for a Tamilian, Kindlu for kindle 'rong' for wrong which is supposed to actually mean 'odd'.

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